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#1 Diamond Stud Earring


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#1 Diamond Stud Earring

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*Stone color will vary depending on stone type (simulated vs genuine) and stone size.
Please view our stone color comparison chart for a more accurate display.

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While we work to ensure that our final products are displayed as close to the previewed images as possible, our jewelers & engravers do reserve the right to alter the pieces, including engraving text sizing & placement to ensure the finest end results. Please note that inappropriate language or images may result in the cancellation of your order. Personalized merchandise cannot be returned or exchanged.

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sizing guide

All necklaces include an 18” Chain. For product measurements please view your product summary.

The average ring size for women is 6.5-7. If you are unsure of your or your loved one’s ring size please visit our Ring Size Guide page.

We offer ring resizing. Please email us at info@palomarjewelry.com for further details and instructions.